Looking for a Jersey Maker in Philippines? Custom.ph is Your Answer

As our world is changing rapidly, nowadays, a lot of people are starting to be more aware about their health. Excessive pollution and stressful workplaces is unavoidable due to the extensive industrialization. To keep up our performance in daily routines, such as for colleges and works, maintaining our health becomes an essential part of our life. One of the recommended way to keep our body healthy is by doing some exercise. There are a lot of type of exercise you can do to keep your body healthy, including a simple walking on a park to gym exercise. Several offices also provides routine exercise in a form of sport teams as an effort to maintain their workers’ health. Some of the most common sport teams provided by offices are basketball, futsal, volley, etc. Having specialized jersey design for these teams can serve as a motivation for the workers to join the sport teams. It will give the workers some sense of attachment towards the teams, thus, it can also serve as bonding time among workers to enhance their performance in the office.

There are many jersey maker services where you can create jersey for your team. In Philippines, the most recommended one is Custom.ph. In this company, you can design your own jersey and let the company do the rest. You can also have a discussion with the experts from this company. Custom.ph offers two different clothing materials for your jersey. The first materials is hivetex. This material is made from polyester and designed to give the best comfort for its users. It can absorb water effortlessly, make it suitable for sweaty sports. The material is very porous and soft, and it gives cooling sensation despite a hot weather. It is slightly thick, flexible, fit your body, and has matte color. The other material is caller microfiber. The characteristics are mostly similar to hivetex, but it has bigger pores, which can affect the outcome of your design, and is heavier.

 To order your jersey in Custom.ph, you have to download the provided template for the website. After that, put your design on the template using software for image editing. Next, save the file in jpeg format and upload it on your cloud online services. Once you are done, go to the official website and click on Order Now. To get further details and information, you can contact them on 09054800160 or info@custom.ph.

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