Semarang Indonesia: Why You Should Visit the City

Why does semarang indonesia need to be up there along with other already-famous travel destinations in the country? The answer to that question is simple: the city is as rich in cultures, arts, modern living, and countless other attractions and landmarks as other places. You might find it strange to have been told to go to the city as it is nowhere to be found on lists of most recommended places to visit in Indonesia. It is also easy to skip this city as its first impression might not be that strong as compared with other places. You might even think that it is not worth the effort as Semarang seems to be too sleepy to offer you anything less than exciting. But that’s just the first impression. Haven’t you heard of the adage, “Don’t judge the book by its cover”? Clichéd as it may be, this is truly applicable to Semarang. The city is one of those places that you need to experience firsthand to believe.

A semarang indonesia map might come in handy. As the city is not promoted internationally as a travel destination, you might find documentation regarding its top-notch attraction scarce, if none at all. The map would be your best friend that keeps you away from the probability of getting lost in the middle of nowhere.

So, what are top semarang indonesia attractions? Let’s take a peek:

  1. GedongSongo

Located in Mount Ungaran, GedongSongo is an ancient Hindu temple dating back to the 8th century. Sitting at the slopes of a mountain, you will find yourself immersed in a site that is both historic and scenic at the same time.

While at the site, you can experience riding on horseback up to the temple. You can still climb up the mountain by foot but the path might be quite challenging for some.

  1. Simpang Lima

Simpang Lima is a location at which you can shop around and get branded items for a significantly cheaper price. Anything from Burberry to Ralph Lauren to Lacoste to Fred Perry is here, luring you to splurge your money. Granted, the commonly accepted notion is that these items are of factory rejects or defected items but rest assured that even if the defects are there, they are not that visible.

  1. TokoOen

The restaurant has been operational since the days of Dutch colonial days. The building was built in a mix of Indonesian, Chinese, and Dutch style, which gives it a distinct look even by today’s standard.

  1. The Sam Poo Kong Temple

The temple is a testament to the prevalence of Chinese culture blended and woven tightly on the local’s life. Built in honor of Admiral Cheng Ho, the complex is not intended to any particular religion; anyone of Islam, Buddhism, and Taoism background can use this complex as an area to worship.

  1. RawaPening

RawaPening is a lake surrounded by mountainous terrains. The lake is beautiful but what gives it its mystique is the myth surrounding its formation. What myth? Find out about it yourself.


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